Google Documents and Forms are great tools for students to do their work individually or collaboratively.

This video is a simple overview of the power of collaboration using Google Documents

Here are instructions to set up Google Docs the first time

Here are instructions for sharing links or embedding Google Docs in wikispaces

Here is how to use Google Forms to make a self-grading quiz.

One word of caution: this only works if students put in the exact answer. Therefore I recommend that you use multiple choice or check the boxes type of questions. It will not work for paragraph text and short answers are problematic it students spell wrong or even type their answers in a different order.

Here are my opener templates:
Weekly Openers
Daily Openers

This school site contains a spreadsheet with many educators sharing how they use Google Forms in their classroom.

Here is a link showing how you can upload any file to Google Docs without converting it to a Google Doc.